Auto File Backup Guy

Incremental backup files as original Files or zip compressed.

File Backup Guy is for Incremental backup files, the backup destination can be original Files or zip compressed files.

It can trace multiple backup files version. It runs quietly in the background and only uses a little resources.

It can auto run backup job scheduling.   

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Technology Support:

For all computer users, regular backup data is necessary.

Lots of backup solutions use magnetic tape as the storage media, it is a mature solution,

but the tape devices are expensive, and the accompanying backup software is complex.

A competitive solution is use external hard disk as the storage media. Now the capacity ratio of hard disk has been rapidly improved,

the price is cheap, another advantages are low access times, availability and ease of use,

the hard disk base backup software usually is simple, it especially suitable for personal user and small business.

If you are a personal computer user, I suggest you use a USB external hard disk to backup data,

you can easily plug in the USB hard disk when you need to backup, then plug it out after backup and keep it in a safe place.

It is a hard work to do data backup by manually copying files from dist to disk every day,

an automatic backup software can emancipate us from the hard work.

Today there are many choices of backup software, how to choose the most suitable one for you?

If you no idea, I suggest you try some free backup software first,

for lots of people don’t know their real needs until they buy and used a software,

try some free edition first can help you to know your requirement with no cost.

Our automatic backup software, is suitable to do external hard disk backup, it is ease to use, no need to train, all skill levels user can use it.

You can choose to use non-compressed the backup files, so the backed up files are readable,

and it has a comparison function lets you easy to check if the backup is succeed.

File Backup Guy can stores multi-version backup files, so you can find back the previous version files if need.

Download Free Version - From CNET:

Get it from CNET!


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